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Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

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On 6/30/2018 at 6:15 PM, Altai said:

Turkish players are going to leave German national team. German media and fans start a scribbling campaign against Turkish players since they have met with President Erdogan during his visit to Germany in the past weeks.  They are directly blaming Turkish players as the reason for their elimination from the cup. (lmao) 

I congratulate the South Korea by the way. 

Today, Turkish player Mesut Ozil has announced that he decided to leave  german national soccer team and wont play for them anymore. 


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Ozil is a third generation Turkish-German. At that stage you'd think you would consider yourself German. Both he and Germany have some culpability here, Germany for how it confers citizenship and the player for being photographed with such a controversial foreigner as Erdogan. By contrast, Harry Kane's father was born in Ireland but he considers himself fully English. 

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