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Saudis teach hatred of Christians, Jews and Hindus

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I happened to catch a documentary on the CBC tonight, The Passionate Eye. It was on the brutal repression in Saudi Arabia. Nothing there is very new, but it reminded me how the Saudis have used religion to help stay in power, and it featured a young boy talking about what his school teaches him about Christians. That they are the enemies of God and must be killed, beheaded. A little searching on the internet finds this is no secret. The Saudis continue to teach hatred of all peoples other than Sunni Muslims, as they have done for years. The texts are mandatory for all Saudi schools, and shipped world-wide, often for free, to Muslim schools, mosques and cultural centres The Saudis also provide Saudi trained imams, also for free, to preach at mosques around the world and teach at Islamic schools around the world, including in Canada. And of course, they use Saudi provided religious and school texts.

This is what a report from the Hudson Institute had to say last year about their investigation of Saudi texts.

Sixteen years after 9/11, Saudi Ministry of Education textbooks still teach an ideology of hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Muslims, such as Shiites, Sufis and Ahmadis, Hindus, Bahais, Yizidis, animists, sorcerers, and “infidels” of all stripes, as well as other groups with different beliefs. The most objectionable passages are found in the upper grades’ religious textbooks. 

Christians, Hindus and those “practicing witchcraft” are to be fought and killed. The textbooks incite violence against “polytheists,” a category that would of course include all non-monotheistic religions but, in Saudi Wahhabi teaching, can include monotheistic religions, too. While Christianity is considered one of the three great monotheistic religions by the rest of the world, the Saudi textbooks teach that Christians are polytheists for their belief in Jesus Christ. Christians are also considered “infidels” who must be fought unless they have a protection contract with Muslims. Conspiracy theories are taught as fact about the Free Masons, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club and the American University of Beirut.

Saudi Arabis is arguably the most influential Islamic nation in the world, spending tens of billions to pump out this message over the last fifty years. We see the results today. While so many self-hating Westerners continue to blame ourselves for inciting hatred against us, it is the Saudis who have been behind most of the world's terrorism over the past several decades. But hey, it's not like they can't liberalize. They used to teach there were three ways to execute anyone found guilty of homosexuality, and now there's just one way! That's an improvement, right?



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