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How can you fully experience" something you undoubtedly consider as fictional? 

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22 hours ago, Slick said:

Faith is accepting a claim without evidence; which, is an irrational practice for important claims. Rational people require greater evidence for greater claims.

Which is why atheism is an irrational position, since it directly flies against CUMULATIVE EVIDENCES.


Cumulative evidences are CORROBORATING evidences - evidences that stack up, lending support to the possibility of God's existence!  

From the observed claims by science (which they say support or compatible with Theistic Evolution), to the complexities and finely-tuned universe.......... and to MILLIONS OF TESTIMONIES who claim Godly experience(s)  not only from believers, but from atheists who ended up being transformed into believers!


Atheism has nothing to stand on.  It relies solely on BLIND faith!

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