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Leaders say EU-Japan pact protects workers

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Leaders say EU-Japan pact protects workers | Euronews

Trump and Brexit might in fact be benefiting the EU. for a long time now, the EU has lazily basked in ignorant protectionism. Now faced with the double threats of Brexit and Trump, the EU has finally started to wake up to the need for global free trade.

The EU has started to promote free trade not only with Japan but with China too now.

Let's hope this new European openness lasts past Trump and Brexit.

If Canada were smart, we might want to start to renegotiate our trade agreements with others countries and blocks too now that they're showing more openness to freer trade.

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Actually the Europeans are quite wary of Chinese trade, its not free trade. China needs to adopt free trade but can't do it because their economy is largely export dependent. Monetary manipulation does not help their free trade clause, amongst many other trade tactics they've adopted over the years. 


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