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French Patriot

Would Jesus condemn or condone Yahweh for his crimes against humanity?

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Would Jesus condemn or condone Yahweh for his crimes against humanity?


I see more than one Jesus speaking through the bible. The good Jesus would likely condemn while the less moral and good Jesus that most follow might not. A number of his policies have been found wanting, --- in moral terms.




Dogma says that Jesus ascended to heaven and his rightful place as judge of the universe at Yahweh’s right hand. The pure hand says tradition.


Would Jesus dethrone Yahweh for the insane genocidal example he shows for a god, or would Jesus somehow justify what Yahweh, and himself to Trinitarians, did?


Would Jesus say that genocide was good?


Heaven forbid.


Condemn or Condone?


I say Jesus would condemn Yahweh.


What say you my moral friends?







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