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The Irony That Is Free Speech

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1 hour ago, Argus said:

A KKK cloak represents a person with a given set of beliefs - which is also what a niqab represents. We know full well that the wearer of either of these is going to dislike Jews because the known beliefs of both fundamentalist Muslims and the KKK are anti-Semitic. Similarly, we know that the doctrine and beliefs of both groups is extremely hostile to homosexuals. 

The belief it is otherwise generally rests on the very conceited western notion that Muslims are just like secular western Christians, and don't really take their doctrine seriously. Yet the fact a woman is willing to wear this... shroud everywhere she goes her whole life tells you how completely devoted she is to her religion and its doctrine. And that includes severe and violently anti-Semitic and homophobic beliefs.


Nevertheless wearers of such garments chose to come to Canada and abide by our laws, including separation of church and state.  Screening of immigrants is important to ensuring that we don’t import hate.  It’s a stretch to equate a KKK gown with a niqab, however stupid most people think it is to wear a niqab.  

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....and that sums-up things these days in a nutshell. We think we have free speech...but in reality, it has been disabled. Your content has been disabled. Now I know CBC comments section is a nes

As long as freedom FROM religion is also written into a charter. I don't want to be forced to respect or praise or ANYTHING...your silly mythology.

Freedom from religion is more essential.  No-one should be prevented from believing whatever they want, or from worshiping whatever they want, as long as such has no effect on anyone else. Accommodati

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