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Will Alberta, Saskatwchewan, mainland BC join the US?  

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  1. 1. Will Alberta, Saskatchewan, mainland BC join the US?

    • I live in AB, SK. Yes, possible
    • I live in AB, SK. No, never
    • I live in BC. Yes, possible
    • I live in BC. No, never
    • I don't live in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan but I am intrigued, curious.
    • This is a stupid question

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Not to mention that Oceanic New American Supra-States is plausibly a better route to space, by the following means.

First master undersea habitation for the purposes of long term infrastructure mass construction.

By these means establish tethered artificial Island based sovereign political entities.

Build in both directions, the base to the sea floor to support a space elevator.

Resulting in Oceanic New American States which serve as high efficiency space ports, sovereign and independent from both other states, and the earth as well.

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