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Bills Already Passed - can it be changed?

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Once a bill is passes in British Columbia

What do you mean the bill has passed?

1) it received royal assent

2) proclamation

Private bills cover non-public matters such as: corporate charters. They are very limited in scope and relevance.

Now private member bills deal with public importance can be put forward by private member but is usually tabled to make some political point, they do not persuade a law or change - "they always die on paper"

It not just about disliking a law, but to look at it from this angle

Is the bill you want to revoke

1) enforcing an important government objective

2) limit the individual rights or freedoms

3) it sets precise standard and clear about what is prohibited

If you can say your bill has portions that violates those 3 only then you have a case to recind a law

The newspapers do an excellent job of swaying masses of people and government

Your best shot to change laws is via public bills - so start working on your local MP

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