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Are Cultural Laws against Free Speech?...

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I've opened this thread to continue with a discussion that Zeitgeist and myself begun in "Statistics, comparisons, contradictions". Anyone else interested may join in if they'd like.


[Zeitgeist]"I think you're creating a false dichotomy that religion is separate from culture."

No. "Religion" is a subclass of "Culture" because it is an artificial and arbitrary construct. I propose separating Culture from political lawmaking which includes any particular religious, recreational, or entertainment concepts. And my point is that our "Multicultural (TM)" government is hiding their special interest in the preservation of particular religious beliefs by broadening their intended interest in making laws respecting religion under the guise of 'culture'. And moreover, they add the "Multi-" to make it appear universal when it is not universally inclusive.


[Zeitgeist]"You can't separate atheism or humanism from culture either."

Yes you can. It is NOT an artificial and arbitrary construct except by those who are interpreting that the default of our Nature at birth as knowing some particular God and its particular story as though it were genetic. The fact that I may call myself "atheist" is only by the imposed artificial force by past governments to "theism". ALL people have 'culture' as defined as those particular artificial and arbitrary things each of us find entertaining, recreational, and inspiring personally. One without religion or human interest also can have 'culture'....such as a dog or cat. 


[Zeitgeist]"Canada was formed by two major cultural groups.  The country is redolent with the traditions of both nations.  To pretend that Canada would be the same country if it was settled by Indonesian islanders or atheist Maoist Chinese revolutionaries is wrong."

Canada was accidentally formed by the trivially populated and non-united settlers along the St Lawrence seaway external to the 13 colonies that stood up against its British Imperialist rulers. We were not a 'country' but a "Dominion of Britain" at that time. The population rose by those Loyalist to a King and its decreed religion [Anglican] along with the Loyalist of pre-Revolutionary world of France, who initiated and supported the concepts of American Republican-style governments. Their main ideal was to isolate separate cultural biases based upon the various religious and non-religious people alike from government top-down imposition of beliefs. You also missed that the territory of Canada was also pre-inhabited of many other cultures aboriginal to the land in the same respect of their own religions where they had them. 

And yes, our world would still be similar with exception to culturally defined aspects had civilization and technology were the same as it is now. Culture doesn't define civilization....civilization merely coincides with culture regardless. That's why the aboriginals would have equally had 'culture' prior to settled lifestyles. Their cultures did not PREVENT them from advancing. They were just not old enough be reach that similar maturity of large-scale organization and settlement. 


Culture doesn't go away just because a country doesn't dictate it. Communist-idealism that crushes one's capacity to EXPRESS themselves is also not comparable to the concept of the FREE-EXPRESSION restriction of governments that make laws regarding particular religious laws. Laws equally come from children playing pretend. Do you credit the act of pretending to be what grants legitimacy to some rules that may evolve from them that become more inclusive of other kids? Culture is just an extension of playing games as children. 

Or....for another example, while there is certain justifiable common links to many independent civilizations to have invented the symbols "1" and "0" for one and zero, the symbols are still arbitrary constructs because we could choose any symbols for these concepts. But the meaning of their symbol's origins, though may be useful, are NOT relevant to the reason mathematics today is valuable. We also don't require each person to define their own symbols for the concepts of one and zero to be functional as a cooperative society....and in fact this would be MORE counter-cooperative. Imagine if each kid from grade 1 to 12 were allowed to pick their own symbols independently and require the teachers and all other kids to know each others' distinct symbols. Can you not see that the symbols, like culture, are arbitrary and artificially constructed and only MEAN something collectively when they are shared in general terms but expressed freely in one's own specific use of those general terms? That is, we agree to use this alphabet to communicate IN GENERAL, but we (or some of us at least) don't think we require everyone to communicate precisely with a limited SPECIFIC style of expression.

Culturalism, multi- or mono- are means of limiting freedom of expression because it dictates etiquette and style, particular concepts of preferences, versus the general concepts of grammar rules we use of some arbitrary but universally chosen language. I'm not against culture but just the opposite. I just know that with our system that commands a right to constitute culture as its means of governing with priority over logic, it is no different than expecting our emotions to dictate how we should add numbers together. A 'government' is only a management system that the people collectively utilize to organize itself in the essentials. Culture is a personal concept that belongs to the individual. 

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