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Bad Behaviour in the forums

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A couple of things,

1) Starting a thread that isn't centered on an political issue and it actually directed at an individual poster is against the rules and just plain stupid. Anyone ignorant enough to do it again will be taking a break from these forums.

2) Enough with the word "fascist". I'm afraid those who have been using it lately, have absolutely no idea what fascist actually means.

3) Statements such as, "Conservatives are all fascists" or "Liberals are all theives" or "NDPers are communists" will no longer be tolerated in these forums (these are just a few examples). The rule against using insults against individual posters has now been extended to include third-parties, such as nationalities, political parties, etc.

4) Give your partisanship a break when contributing to these discussions. If you're nothing more than a mouth-piece for a political party, and you're not contributing anything of value to the discussions, I reserve the right to remove you from these discussions. As I've said in the past, this isn't a democracy - no one has a right to participate in the discussions and certainly no one has the right to say whatever they want. If I have to remove someone because they're being disruptive, and uncooperative, then I will.

I'm really getting tired of some of the childish behaviour in these forums. I simply cannot comprehend why some of you are unable to conduct yourself in a respectable manner. I guess I've been too lenient with the rules and now some of you think you're above the law.

This is going to change however, let this be everyone's last warning.



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