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4 minutes ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


We already debated that case in this forum before, but that really isn't the point here.

The point is that Canada clearly has made extradition arrests and decisions based on Canadian criteria and court decisions, even in the case of known sexual assault perpetrators.

So it is disingenuous to claim that Canada had/has no choice in the arrest/extradition of Ms. Weng.    It is/was a Canadian decision.

Fair enough 

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20 hours ago, Zeitgeist said:

We’ve respected a treaty with an ally.  Remember what it’s like to respect an ally?

We should always put our principles before our allies, like we did in the case of the Florida woman BC pointed to.  As we should have long long before we went down the road to trading with dictatorships like China's.  As Trudeau should have with Saudi Arabia the day he was elected.

We should be letting Ms Weng go while also telling China to go piss up a rope.  A pox on all of them.  

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