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Canada's Impossible Acknowledgements

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1 hour ago, Nefarious Banana said:

It's colorful because there were few treaties. 

We pay for it now.

Pay what exactly?  Treaties in my region are one of the biggest economic drivers going around here.

First Nations elsewhere in Canada should take notice and start renegotiating fairer modern treaties using BC's as the template.

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On 1/25/2019 at 5:10 PM, Bonam said:

Hmm when I was in school in Vancouver in the 90s, there was no O Canada, no pledges, no statements of any sort that were made on a daily basis.

Wow, the post-national state in action!

I'm obviously a lot older than you. When I attended elementary and high school in Ontario, mainly in the 1960s, O Canada, the Lord's Prayer and a prayer called the Nicene Creed were daily staples. Even though we were taught the words to it, we didn't often hear God Save the Queen in Catholic elementary school (not popular among the nuns who were mainly of Irish or French-Canadian background, I guess) although there were rumors that our cohorts in public school had to sing it daily. Monarchists all, I surmised. Truthfully, I'm not sure that any of this did any of us any harm. There was never any mention of indigenous heritage back then, of course, but if my faint recollection is a good indicator most students would likely consider it briefly endured background noise.

It's interesting that you mention the aversion of Asian immigrants to such daily rituals. My guess would be that in China, in particular, indoctrination is encouraged and where better to start than in the school system? Is this the basis of the aversion among those who come to Canada? Were they to go to the U.S. (the preferred destination for most, I suspect), they'd in many places have to manage the Pledge of Allegiance and probably the Star Spangled Banner. Could they deal with it?

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