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UFC: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs GSP (Russia vs Québec)

Khabib or GSP?  

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There seem to be some rumours arising in the UFC.

Some say a return of GSP would be imminent. Georges St-Pierre (or GSP) is the best single fighter the UFC has ever seen, in his weight class, may be ever. He's a God amongst Mortals. He follows a strict training, has no wife and no children at his age (37), which means he has all the mental focus and drive to be the best of the best and make a last return, as a swan song for his immortal legacy that will last for ages. Muhammad Ali was for Boxing what GSP was in the 2ks and early '10s for UFC. A legend. A Québécois, of course.

Now there are rumours that GSP would be fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov as a last fight for his legacy. Nurmagomedov is easily the best fighter the world has seen in the last few years. He's a beast, not only when we talk about physical conditioning, but also his fighting IQ is beyond charts, he hits like no one with unconventional techniques and grabs people head first in a way that makes it almost impossible to get rid of him. He's slick as much as he is strong. He's a Chechen who still lives with his parents and adopts stricts training, and is also so focused, you wonder if he has a life besides his training regiment.

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They also respect each other a lot.

Who do you think will win?



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Khabib did say he wanted to fight GSP after the Al Iaquinta fight, but the rumors I've been hearing lately are about a Khabib-McGregor rematch, which is lame. I wants me Ferguson-Nurmagomedov damn it, but the MMA gods just don't seem to want that fight to happen, I hope they change their minds.

Also been hearing Ferguson-Poirer Interim Lightweight Title rumors, and fyi, Khabib is Dagestani, not Chechen.

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6 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

Ferguson-Nurmagomedov ftw.  

Time for Connor to move into the booth with Joe Rogan, why do we need to see Khabib mop the floor with him again?

Well they both can't fight until April, and I've been hearing some Cerrone-McGregor talk and Ferguson-Poirer talk, so I'm hoping that Khabib will fight the Ferguson-Poirer winner and Conor would rather have a much easier to win fight to get back in the saddle, I don't think Conor wants to retire just yet, he makes a lot of money, it's true, but he spends a lot of money too.

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4 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

Tru dat, Conor has tight whips coming out of his ears, he's the Jay Leno of MMA.

Indeed. Plus Conor has always got that Diaz trilogy fight in his back pocket, the only hitch is getting Diaz to sign a contract,  and actually show up, Poirer knows, but to fight McGregor, Nate will do it, no matter how much he complains beforehand, lulz.

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