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Is this racist?

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So I got to thinking about this story because it reflects, to some extent, the left-right divide. To summarize, a very pregnant African woman was confronted by security on a Swedish subway car for not having a ticket. She was issued a fine as punishment which she refused, then was asked to leave, which she refused to do. Security then removed her from the train, which she resisted. She was then pinned down and later taken to hospital.

Many on the Left would moan about this being the racist white society targeting minorities, and being shockingly violent to this woman. I disagree. Either you have a ticket or you don't. If you don't, then you take the fine. If you won't move off a train you have no right to be on then you''ll be moved. And if you're heavily pregnant and physically resist being evicted then you clearly don't give a damn about what happens to the baby, so why should I?

Btw, insofar as attitudes, in particular mine go. Upon reading this I strongly suspected from the start it would not be a Swedish woman, because I would not think a pregnant Swedish woman with a young child accompanying her would act like this. I was correct (I usually am). So is it racist to say to yourself "I bet this isn't a Swedish born person) before reading about the description of who the person was? Is it racist to think "I bet this isn't a Canadian" when I read about gunfire in the streets (they usually aren't)? The Left would say yes, of course.



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