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Netanyahu - corruption charges

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Jerusalem (CNN)Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust arising from three separate corruption investigations, pending a hearing, according to a source with direct knowledge of the decision by Israel's attorney general.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit's intention to indict the Prime Minister so close to April's general election marks a dramatic moment in Israeli politics and is a major blow to Netanyahu as he seeks a fifth term in office

Well this is a problem.

Under Israeli law, Netanyahu is not required to step down if he is indicted. He is only required to step down if he is convicted and that conviction is upheld through the appeals process, which could take years.
He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, most recently on Wednesday evening when, following a day of heightened speculation in Israeli news media, a statement was released on behalf of the Prime Minister which dismissed the prospect of a possible bribery charge as "ridiculous."

Chances are he is guilty.  Now what does that mean for Isreal's relationship with the USA?



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It means little. Individuals come and go but their offices precede and proceed them. The people that occupy them in the big picture mean very little. Sometimes a Churchill or an Alexander or Napoleon may  briefly make a noise but in the big picture that River flows no matter who is on a raft going up or down stream. Netanyahu has had accusations of corruption  follow him for many years. Israeli politics are very dirty. No different than nywhere else in many respects. Maybe it's why he likes Donny so much. She Barack was taken down. Maybe  Netanyahu. The justice system will take him down if there is any truth to the rumours..it's slow but it works.

From what I see his wife and family may have taken gifts. He himself it's hard to know. Political favours probably but actual money I doubt it. You can't spend money in Israel on yourself and not have it show. It is too small a country not to have it stick out like a sore thumb.

It's probably more along the lines of political favours on  deals to keep him in power. Coalition governments in proportional representative democracies tend to create that. It's very similar to Italy in that sense.

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