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Taxpayer donation to Loblaws.

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The latest news from Maxine Bernier and the People's Party of Canada is that your liberal government has just given $12 million of your tax dollars to one of the richest families in the country. Loblaw's is a giant multi billion dollar company and your spend crazy government just gave them $12 million of your tax dollars to Loblaw's so they could buy new freezers. What in the hell is going on in this country and what these spend crazy politicians are doing with your tax dollars every day? This is truly a crime of theft of taxpayer's tax dollars. I wonder what would happen if you decided that you need a new freezer and foolishly decided to ask Trudeau to buy one and pay for it just for you?  I think that I would know the response? Sorry, we have no more money in the cookie jar. 

Millions here and billions there and you wonder why Canada is in debt and why you pay the GST and why the Canadian peso is so low as it is against the American dollar. Are you getting the message yet? I doubt it. It would appear as though no one gives that much of a dam about how their tax dollars are being blown here by the thieves in Ottawa except for Bernier. The crooks in Ottawa just keep laughing at you and you just keep taking it and laugh along with them. But this is Canada, don't you know. A country full of apathy. So sad indeed. 

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