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The Ford government has taken over subway construction from the City of Toronto and is pumping billions into Toronto subway expansion, including adding underground stations to the Eglinton Crosstown west to Pearson Airport, extending the Yonge Line into Richmond Hill, adding three stops to the Danforth Line east to McCowan, and most importantly, doubling the length of the proposed Downtown Relief Line (DRL), which was originally to parallel the Yonge Line from Pape Station in the east to Osgoode downtown.  Now the DRL will become the Ontario Line and run from the Science Centre at Eglinton to Ontario Place on Lake Ontario.  

What do you think of this plan?  I’m all for massive subway expansion but I have questions.  It’s a huge expense to extend the DRL from Queen St. to Ontario Place, which is currently a moribund site that will be rebuilt.  What stations will be added west of Osgoode before the line reaches Ontario Place?   We need to ensure that our subways serve communities and will have viable ridership.  There will still be a Finch LRT, so at least Ford is open to different transit options.  I hope that the Ontario Line at least runs as far west as Bathurst or even Trinity Bellwoods Park before heading south, as the Ontario Line would then really make some of the best areas of the city more accessible.  What are your thoughts?


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I am not opposed to expanding that subway system, but I am wondering if that is at the cost of something like the DVP which is in really bad condition.

And for a government that was gonna bring the budget under control and won't now until 2024 and has gone 5B over their proposed budget.

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I hear everyone about the concern about big spending, but transportation infrastructure is the one area where I think we need much more spending.  At around 7 million and growing fast, the GTA deserves a much more extensive, faster, and more frequent transit system.  Metrolinx was created to facilitate this.  Kudos to Ford if he can actually get substantial progress.  Time will tell.  

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To be at a point in time where people even discuss the need for a subway expansion is absurd.  It should have been done 60 years ago. The inability to agree on an expansion meant for every year the subway was not expanded the prices for the expansion rose.

Had Ford not stepped in it would never have been done. We'd still be having people talk about whether its needed. He represents someone  and a constituency  who can't stand the indecision of municipal politicians in Toronto, for better or worse.

As for discussions about the dvp, the whole point of subway expansion is to decrease the load on the dvp and other roads so subways address the issue of dvp repair. If you don't expand subways, the dvp remains clogged and needs repairs at a much more increased rate. The whole point of subways is to cut down on the need for and maintenance of roads not to mention cutting down on carbon emissions.

So I think the left needs to give a big cheer to Dougie on this one. Building a subway is a direct effort at addressing air pollution and rising infrastructure costs for roads.

You see the Dougster cares.

I mean from the looks of him he eats babies, but he cares. Hail comrade Dougie.



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