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Mike Utinne

Europeans, without the "we don't hate you but…", if you hate Americans, why not just sever ties with the US?

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Europeans, if you find them annoying, loud, stupid, war mongers and those other things you hate and whenever you meet one, you feel like you have to get it off your chest and it just frustrates you....... why not just ban them from coming? Why let them in knowing full well that many who enter Europe may be like this? Why put up with the frustration?

Yes, yes, I've heard the tired cliche "Not all Americans are like that" but come on?

And let's be honest, there are many Europeans who do feel this way. Stop pretending that there are only a few of them or it's just an internet thing or stop saying you've never experienced it and you don't know what I'm talking about blah blah blah blah.

I'm sick and tired of Europeans who complain about how bad their experiences with Americans are. If you hadn't let them in, you would never have had bad experiences in the first?

Forget the $$$$$$$! There is plenty of money coming from other peoples.

Dear Europeans, they are not going to change; not for you, not for anybody. They might even doing that on purpose to troll with you, ever thought of that? And it is just going to continue to frustrate you......

My solution is to ban them so that you won't have to deal with them. 

And since there are many Europeans who feel that their continent is becoming Americanized and that Europe is a lapdog of America and all those other political things that people are angry about, sever ties, sever everything with them and then kick out these American things that Europeans are upset about. 

There, no more Americans to annoy you.

Why is that such a hard thing to do?

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6 hours ago, Mike Utinne said:

...There, no more Americans to annoy you.

Why is that such a hard thing to do?


Here is why....there are over 100,000 Americans buried in Europe from two world wars:



United Kingdom







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19 minutes ago, Mike Utinne said:


Sorry but a lot of them don't know that.


But many more of them do know that...and are reminded every year on June 6th.

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