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How do we force immigrants to assimilate?

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14 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

Why do you ask obvious questions ?  Are you implying that superior weapon technology provides some kind of moral authority ?

Well, authority.  Might as well have it as not.

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So there's a throwaway line in this story about how China is gradually removing Hong Kong's autonomy. The latest is extraditing people from Hong Kong to the mainland. And the line is that there are 300,000 "Canadians" living in Hong Kong.

That's an awful lot of Canadians to be living on a small island. Do I dare venture a guess that 290,000 of them were born there? That they got a Canadian passport as a precaution, and have no loyalty to this country and no interest in living here? How do you 'assimilate' immigrants who don't even live here? They might come here for health care, or send their kids for cheap educations, but really, their 'Canadian' passport is just something they got so they could keep it in a drawer 'just in case'.

Some years ago we found there were tens of thousands of 'Canadians' living in Lebanon too. How many immigrants do we have who don't even want to live here? I know the Liberals are very accommodating because they don't even believe Canada is a nation and certainly don't believe it has any sort of culture or values. The Liberals even removed the requirement that immigrants promise to live in Canada,

Frankly, if ever there was a firm indication that an immigrant should never have been granted Canadian citizenship it is that they move back home to live. All these people should lose their citizenship. They're not Canadians in any real sense, and never were.


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