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Mike Otkins

If the US government is evil, why doesn't the world unite to destroy it?

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I've narrowed it down to this because so many people are against the idea of destroying the population and nation with it, even though the population votes in the government...... but okay..... fine.......


Okay...... this is it right here! These are the ones you hate, right? These are the ones who are behind the evils of the world! These are the ones behind the wars, the coups, the bombings, the terrorism....... everything..... any evil act can be attributed to the people running it.........


Explain to me, why the world hasn't united to either destroy it and keep it destroyed forever or weaken it and keep it weakened forever, at the very least?


And if this site bans me, then this is the point where I have truly lost confidence in Canada's freedom of speech because correct if I am wrong, it is against the government where you can truly exercise your freedom of speech.


And let's not insult one another with the whole "they are too powerful to be destroyed" mumbo jumbo please.

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