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The Canadian News media reported that CEO's averaged 7 percent increases this year.  Where are the regulations to finally limit their take so that the hard working middle class can share some of that deserved wealth.  No wonder the Economy in Canada is going flat.  Canadians deserve it because they do not have the Will to tackle a real issue like this.  Its' just complain about it and do nothing.  Blah  Blah  Blah  Blah  Blah!  Millennials and everyone else to should wake up and protest things that really matter so this country can move forward.  

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What kind of nonsensical state authoritarian  regulations were you expecting?

What you are asking for is communism, protesting is not going to get you there.

You should wake up and realize that you are a communist and to get what you want will require a revolution.

Nobody is going to hand you a socialist people's republic on a platter, those have to be taken by force, you have to kill for them, you have to die for them.

The powers that be are quite sure that you are bourgeois, that mean's you're not revolutionary, thus they can safely ignore you and your impotent protesting.

Mind you, even if you had your socialist people's republic, the wealthy would just take their money and leave.

They'd just go to America where the constitution protects their property rights, then you'd be like Cuba when your economy collapsed as a result.

Then you'd have no middle class at all, you'd just have the ruling communist elites and everybody else would be the impoverished proletariat.


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Ell:  your complaint and observation are not out of line.   The reason CEOs get paid far more money these days is that corporate ownership and governance is increasingly falling into the hands of financial institutions.  They appoint board members who are their representatives, but seldom with any actual skin in the game.  The reason they own the company is to play finance games with the potential speculative value of the stock from trading or end game M&A plays.   They, in turn, hire "board/bank friendly" officers, who, since they are not answering to entrepreneurs, but bankers/financiers simply rob the shareholders blind with their compensation packages.

There IS a simple solution - which few politicians have the brains or balls to address: simply tax the crap out of capital gains and stop taxing dividend income.  This will put business back in the hands of business people, not finance people.

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