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Neil Austen

Trump is Taxing Americans to death

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I hope Americans and Trump supporters realize that tariff is just another word for TAX, paid by Americans collected by their government. Since the Chinese Tariffs Trump is forcing on American importers who will pass the cost to American consumers as higher prices affects 70 percent of all consumer goods then household expenses are going to skyrocket. Now add on Trump's Mexico tariffs and Americans are being taxed to death.  With over 40 million Americans already living in poverty (more than the entire population of Canada) I see a disaster in the making. Trump don't care though. 

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I hope Canadians realize that Canada is knee jerk protectionist  and Canadians pay tariff taxes on a huge variety of products to protect price gouging cartels in Canada.

Trump has simply adopted the Canadian model, even Trump's immigration policies are modeled on Canada's merit based (buy your way in)  system.

I for one am enjoying seeing Canadians getting a taste of their own shit, Canadians being the biggest bunch of self righteous hypocrites on earth,

In terms of poverty, nothing is more pathetically impoverished than Canada's racist Indian Act Apartheid state.

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