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The Somewheres and the Anywheres

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This is a variation of the Nationalists and the Globalists, and very well-described, I think in how it describes the feelings about immigration between those who value the traditions and values of a unique culture and country and those who couldn't care less about any of that. Others have pointed out that we are instinctively a tribal people, and most of us feel much more comfortable around others who think and act and believe as we do. But the Anywheres are a self-serving and arrogant people who treat such notions with contempt. This helps to explain the growing anger on the right towards immigration and diversity.

Nowhere is this newer distinction more obvious than when we consider what, painting with a broad brush, I will call the Anywheres of Silicon Valley and most of the rest of the country. The SV Anywheres live and work in a world with no borders. Their world view is closer to the Anywheres in other countries than to the Somewheres that live between America’s coastal states. They likely have more “friends” in Asia and Europe than in Des Moines and Duluth. Their business activities are affected more by regulators in Brussels than those in Washington. It is the boys in Brussels who have been effective thorns in the sides of Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Facebook when it comes to mergers, privacy, business practices, and taxation. The future growth of the companies that house these Anywheres depends more on how they can work things out with Xi Jinping, president for life, than with Donald Trump, president—at most—for another half-dozen years.

In short, the Anywheres are über globalists, whose antipathy to boundaries on their work and reach extends to physical boundaries—borders.

On the other hand, Somewheres believe, as Goodhart puts it, that “national citizens should be first in the queue . . . They do not want to lose a sense that people like them set the tone in the kind of shops [they patronize] and the way of life.” This is in sharp contrast to “the insouciant response of the Anywhere-dominated political class” to mass immigration.






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This is like saying there are only two colors and you have to choose between white and black. Take your side.

Depending to topic or the context, sometimes I can feel like an anywhere, sometimes like a somewhere. But never strickly one or another.

I consider all humans equal and I expect to be treaten as fairly as I do to others, no matter where they are on the globe. On the principle, or at first sight, the anywhere seems to be the most appropriate for mankind. But two ennemies come and break the whole schema. The transnational companies that want to smash the sovereignties and abuse of their power over the masses, and the tyrany of majority. Our societies are not even close to handle that at a global level. Then the somewhere becomes very important and a minimum of defenses and measures to protect your sovereignty are very relevent.

Idealists tend to go to the extremes, whether it is the somewhere or anywhere. 


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