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Impermissible action of Tokyo at the G-20 summit

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Moscow protested Tokyo due to the fact that in the materials for the G-20 summit in one of the videos the southern Kuril Islands, which are under the jurisdiction of Russia, were designated as Japanese territory. According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, M. Zakharova, this indicates the abuse by the Japanese side of «the functions of the G-20 chairman in order to promote unfounded territorial claims against Russia».

Such impudent act on the part of Japan contradicts with documents that consolidate the results of the World War II and is unacceptable. Moreover, Tokyo did the same with the Senkaku Islands (in the Chinese version - Diaoyu), which are the subject of a dispute between Japan, Taiwan and China.


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9 hours ago, basilone_john said:


The Russian Federation and the CCCP are not the same country, Russia has no claims under the Potsdam Declaration as the Russian Federation did not exist in 1945 and so obviously was not signatory to

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