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    • By Scott Mayers
      BBC: Jersusalem is Israel's capital
      I commented on some thread last night of someone from the U.S. asking if Trump was all that bad for them. I tried to relate without prejudice. I assumed that much of the world's problems in communication/miscommunication deal with today's technology. However, today this announcement appears as though he may be setting up for some suicidal 'fuck you' before he possibly gets impeached. ?? 
      I'm a bit surprised no one else here even mentioned it yet. What do you guys think?
    • By Hudson Jones
      The way the corrupt Clintonite Nancy Pelosi and the Israeli Fifth Column Chuck Schumer have sat upon DNC and choked life out of it Bernie Sanders is barking up the wrong tree --this party is irredeemable--the high-profile special election in Georgia’s 6th District is a wake up call-- but is Sanders waking up? Or is he too busy signing ridiculous petitions that UN is too harsh on Israel!

    • By ReeferMadness
      According to a CIA assessment, Russia's interference in the 2016 election was intended to help one candidate: Trump.  Predictably, the Trumpkin spin factory is in overdrive, trying to undermine the CIA and denying that the interference influenced the result.  However, they're missing the point.  As Evan McMullin (former CIA operative, former policy director for House Republicans) tweeted:
      At the very least, Trump actively encouraged foreign interference in the election and is now preparing to cover up and evidence of it.  This alone should make Americans enraged.  Of course, in the current, hyper-partisan environment, Trumpkins will doubtless have no trouble rationalizing this immoral (and probably criminal) behavior.
      But the real question isn't even being seriously asked.  The real question is how much did Trump know about the interference.  Was he or his organization actually involved in some way?  The relationship between Trump and Putin has not been thoroughly investigated or documented.  Trump himself made several contradictory statements about his relationship with Putin.  Senior people associated with his campaign and cabinet have questionable associations with Putin's Russia.  Former campaign Paul Manafort is under investigation by the FBI for his dealings.  His Secretary of State pick, Rex Tillerson received the Order of Friendship, one of Russia's highest honors, from Putin.
      So, is it credible that Trump knew nothing of Russian interference?
    • By Exegesisme
      5 Collective Psychology, My Spiritual Work​​
      by exegesisme 1xπ there is a master of collective psychology, whose name is trump. 2xπ he would reshape both politics and religions of us. 3xπ no matter you like him, or dislike him, you would prepare to live in his influence. 4xπ he hears the sounds directly from the grassroots. 5xπ the elites also do not dislike him, but just are not habitual with his style. 6xπ his style is compatible with human genome, which has been creating by god since 4 billion years ago. 7xπ this is the reason why his polls were higher each time against lower expectation of others. 8xπ his style showing in his campaign is a micro model of the creative evolutional process of life, and which is recorded in the genome of each human. 9xπ there was a sound called him lord in my sleep meditation, this sound was only appeared once until now. 10xπ the above is my witness, in both my sleep meditation and my clear analysis. ​
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