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Why Do Progressives Hate Chick-Fil-A So Much?

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Maybe there's just nothing to get. The sense you people have that this vast swath of humanity known as progressives spend all their time worrying about stupid shit like this is just another example of

I think the owner has also spent a lot of money fighting against recognition of human rights for gay people. Businesses that engage in extreme politics will often find they alienate a good number of p

They believe in the man/woman marriage only but do not discriminate, they do not refuse to serve anyone at all, so they are entitled to their opinion.

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I completely understand why people would boycott the chain. I personally like to use my dollars to support small and local businesses and would rather not add to the balance sheets of people I consider hateful or evil. I feel bad for regular franchise owners who may receive less business because the founder is a dumb ass. I'm sure they would much rather he be a private hateful, Christian homophobe so his views didn't taint the image of a brand they paid a hefty franchise fee to use.

On the flip side, their chicken is really good and I do like to eat. They brine it in pickle juice; which, is fantastic and very easy to replicate at home. I don't live anywhere near a Chick-fil-a but I do copy their sandwich at home from time to time.

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