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Another Metoo case drops. Another man's life ruined for a psycho, again. No consequence for the woman.

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A former female housemate from 40 years ago declared, for getting attention and also for her sadistic pleasure of destroying a man's life which is a third wave feminist number 1 activity, that John Jarrat raped her.

It was not true. It was a made up story from A to Z. There was no evidence whatsoever. There were no witnesses. The woman didn't remember how he raped her, or what he did exactly to her, and changed her version multiple times. She settled on a version to which she claimed she let John Jarrat have sexual intercourse with her, but she said she didn't move and didn't like it.

BUT she had one key argument. An ideological one. She claimed that if she were to denounce him 40 years ago, macho men from the Police Department, and all society would have told her she's crazy. Because rape was, of course, according to the nut jobs of the Left, something nice to do and that every men had to do in the 1970s, when Civilization wasn't even there in place and people had just invented wheels. Murder was also made a criminal offense only 2 years ago, obviously.

We need to change laws against false accusations. These women who perpetuate those lies are not only vicious. They are psychopaths, deranged people, who could get people killed and lives ruined by such allegations. They are on the same moral level as rapists themselves, no question about it. 

Rape sentences should equal sentences for false accusations.

Sexual predators are not necessarily rapists, they may also be people deciding to ruin someone's life based on sex. The false accusers should also be on the same lists as rapists, and be put to jail for very long. As long as the time the guy would get for really  committing the rape the accuser describes.





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Mr. Trudeau has told Canadians to do the exact opposite. Whenever a woman comes forward with a story about being sexual assaulted, she must be believed. But it was not true for him however, when a woman came forward and made similar claims about him. She was not to be believed, because he said so.

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