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Please sign this Canada e-petition (sanction against key officials of HK government and police force)

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1 hour ago, egghead said:

A Cathay Pacific labor leader was fired for her Facebook posts on Hong Kong’s protests (noted: People cannnot access to FB in mainland china)


So that is how Beijing is getting its tentacles into Canada as well.   Even the unions in Canada are subservient to the Chinese Communist funded jobs are jails fake economy.

This is Cold War Two.    But it is not 1983 anymore.    The Information Age Revolution is upon us.  It's an epoch.

To include war.   Information Warfare.   It has global reach without having maneuver conventional forces.  

The Chinese can invade and occupy Canada, nary a shot fired, and no tanks to be seen.

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See, Canadians are not as concerned as Hong Kongers, because Canadians still see Beijing as being far away across the sea with the Pentagon standing in its way.

Information Warfare however, empowers Beijing to bypass all those conventional forces and get right up in your kitchen and you don't even see them coming.

The more you centralize power with the government, the easier it is for Beijing, because then they only need to seize that one corrupt incompetent and blatantly criminal node in Canada, to impose their dominance on everything,

This is what getting sold down the river to the Communists looks like, but in the Information Age it is not linear anymore, they are doing there and here at the same time,

Bear in mind that Hong Kong was more free than Canada, Canada is far more a socialist police state than Hong Kong was,  and Canadians are much more oblivious about surrendering their liberties.

So it's going to be easier for China to subjugate Canada across the sea than it will be to bring Hong Kong to heel, it already is, as the Hong Kong freedom lovers are fighting back while Canadians are asleep at the switch.

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