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Marriages before the age of 18: for or against?

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Of course, I have nothing against the religious beliefs of people who adhere to their religion, however, for me personally, marrying of an adult man to a girl is immoral and I can not react indifferently to this topic.

Early marriage and early onset of sexual activity have long-term consequences for women's health.

Also, in poor countries, a young mother, being forced to quit her education and begin to do household work, is deprived of the opportunity to get a profession and is economically or completely dependent on her husband.

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In India and no doubt some parts of the Far East, girls are getting married off at the age of 14. 

I am with you though in that a young innocent girl who doesn't even know who she is at that age being married off to a grown man.

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Humans have proven that the fact we can copulate does not necessarily mean we have sufficient intelligence to manage the consequences  and so the age old question that has resulted from it,  is how to guarantee people who copulate can  manage the consequences of it.

Right now I would say biological age is but one of my precursors that may provide indication of a lack of management ability.

I think most people would fail a test on sexual relations competency.

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7 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

I'm starting to doubt if people should even be allowed to vote at 18.

How about we skip the voting age, and make people pass an 50 question exam to vote...


The will have to answer questions like.


What is Canada's current national debt.

What is our current deficit.

What is our trade balance.


You give them a 3 hour study guide to read.

If a 10 year old can answer those questions, let them vote.

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OK to please Maroc here we go:

1. How many wives should you have?  a-4, b-none I am gay, c-as many as is needed, d-is that a trick question?.

2. Should women show their face?   a-never, b-depends on who is asking is, c- not when playing poker, d-not if they have leprosy.

3. What is acceptable political discussion?   a-screaming and chanting in crowds, b-throwing stones, c-spitting, d-all of the above.

4. Who was Tim Horton?   a-a white privileged man, b- an uncircumsized man, c- a transgender, d-all of the above..

5.Who are Indians in Canada?  a-people who sell illegal cigarettes, b-people who live in Surrey, c-people that sing funny, d-all of the above.

7.Who is a Canadian? a-anyone who says so, b-criminal fugitives, c-people  who come across the border illegally, d-Carey Price.

8. How is the plural of Leaf spelled?  a-don't ask someone in Toronto, b-I need my cell phone, c-eh?, d-Lindsay Lohan.

9.What is an Oiler: a- an Albertan separatist, b- a dirty man with black marks on his skin, c-a Jewish guy who complains, d-all of the above.

10. What is a Senator: a-someone with dementia, b-a parasite, c-people who drool, d-all of the above.

11.What is a beaver? a-the national animal of Canada, b-a destination gay Canadians  do not visit, c-an Orthodontists's best friend, d-a town in rural Saskatchewan.

12.What is the national sport in Canada?  a-complaining about the weather, b-standing in line, c-apologizing, d-curling.

13. What are the rules for Canadian football?  a-no swearing, b-1 second rule when reaching in the center's bum bum for the ball, c-apologizing after tackling someone, d-smaller cups.

14. Who invented basketball?  a-Keannu Reaves, b-Raymond Massey, c-William Shatner, d-Lorne Greene.

15. Who is Shania Twain:   a-Mark's daughter, b-a cute transvestite, c-Wayne Newton after his operation, d-Michael Harder's wife.

16. Who is Rex Murphy?  a-an alien, b-same as A but from Newfoundland, c-Marty Feldman's brother, d-all of the above.

17. Who is Lisa Laflamme: a-a drag queen, b-a separatist, c-a communist, d-someone English Canadian men would like to date.

18. Who is Celine Dionne? a- a skin condition, b-the Governor General of Canada c-how someone drunk says goodbye, d-someone who needs to eat.

19. Who is Canadian:  a-Alanis Morrisette, b-Avril Lavigne, c-Jim Carrey, d-anyone with a US greencard.

20. What is snow? a-the first name of this white woman who had a wierd thing going on with the dwarves and was anemic, b-something that was used as a decongestant in the disco era, c-dandruff, d-I don't know I go back home when I see it.

21. What is ice?  a-the name of this white privileged guy who tried to act black, b-a rapper, c-something certain Italians do it you betray them, d-how someone new to Canada says they understand,

22.What is maple syrup:  a-a urinary infection, b-A Toronto hockey fan talking about Mats Sundin, c-the name of an escort or exotic dancer, d-blood from a tree.

23.What is a husky:  a-a gas station, b-a Polish Canadian, c-a fat person, d- the name of  one of the police officers in a 70's tv show.

24. What does Lavalin make?   a-soap, b-trouble for politicians, c-really shitty bridges, d-romance novels.

25. What are the rockies?   a-soRething Celine Dionne does not have, b-twin sisters from Wawa, Ontario, c-male chearleaders from Wawa, Ontario d-a band from Wawa, Ontario.

26. What us CN?   a-a t.v. station, b-something that strikes all the time, c-Canada's spy agency, d-something no one uses too much of in Canada.

27. What is a subway?  a-a sandwitch, b-the guy who comes off the bench in hockey when someone is hurt, c-thr name of a gay bar in Toronto, d-something no one wants to build in Toronto.

28. What is a shopping mall?  a- cultural icon in Edmonton, b-a place where people with strokes go to walk, c-a recreation centre street gangs, d-what happens when you fight over items to buy on Black Friday and at Christmas or a place in the US where Canadians go to pay more money than buying it in Canada.

29. What is an airplane?  a-something the US does not want Canada to build, b-the secret to crossing the ocean without getting in a boat, c-how to get to Sudbury real quickly. d-something Trudeau uses  to cause air pollution while lecuring you and me on carbon emissions.

30. What is Justin Trudeau?  a-someone in need of speech therapy, b-same as a but walks like Tyra Banks, c-same as a and b and cries a lot, d-what happens to former fans of Mr. Dressup.





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OK, Rue, I really need to know:  did you make that up on the fly, or had you been thinking of that previously?   Made my day, thanks.

Since no two humans mature at the same rate, trying to put some arbitrary number on what is a rather significant point in one's life doesn't seem possible.  We have one kid I swear was BORNE 18 years old, and another who took a bit longer to get there.  I was married at 20, and if I look back, would have been far better to have done so two years earlier (certainly not because of MY maturity at that time!).

Going back to Rue's insightful and playful post: for instance, who are we to tell someone how many consenting adults (BTW, THAT part is or should be sacrosanct) can live together (i.e. be wed)??  Need to objectively separate religion from science to legislate well.

I can agree that children DO need some kind of protection codified by the state, but since I just don't have the skill sets to come up with a definitive answer, I can only pose further questions.

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