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1 hour ago, Army Guy said:

I think every nation is trying it's up most to prevent a major confrontation with any world power... but US military leaders have turned on the red light when it comes to warning the government about Chinese actions .. and it continues to demostrate to china almost daily it really does not control anything , be it naval/ air  demonstration, and arming Taiwan


U.S. military leaders have a lot more to worry about besides China, which can't project military power outside of its region for now, but will strive to do so in the future.   America's pivot to WESTPAC away from Europe strained EU and NATO relations, and Trump doubled down on the obvious with respect to deadbeats who rely too much on American military power.  The post WW2 Grand Bargain has run out of gas...the Soviet Union collapsed nearly 30 years ago.  Yet Canada insists that the American led "rules based order" of old must continue as before, even as the world changes around it, including the United States.

Germany, France, and the UK have come to accept more responsibility for their own defense (at least in principle)...Canada is still wavering on this and several other fronts, paralyzed by internal politics and an impotent foreign policy that makes it more and more irrelevant.   China can smell this weakness, and will continue to exploit it.

Canada has choices to make, including not making any choices at all.   Either way, the world will move on whether Canada continues to dither or not...we are used to it by now.


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This story has nothing and everything to do with Canada. It's about China's over the top response when the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted out a simple little support emoji for the peop

Harper actually worked for a living, and rose from the mail room to being an economist - getting his bachelor's and master's while working.  Most of all, he was NOT a goddamned lawyer and as far away

Everything China has exhibited to the world shows it as being far more vicious and brutal to its own people than the US has ever dreamed of doing. Further, while the US once threw its weight around mo

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One of the ways China is moving towards world influence is with rare minerals. Over the years it has succeeded in putting much of the world's mining of rare minerals out of business by flooding the market to lower prices or by simply buying them up and closing them down. It now controls much of the world's supply and uses it to blackmail countries which anger it.

“We are in the midst of a global battery arms race, where the world’s major economies are building a base to the energy storage revolution,” Moores said.

But developing strategic assets in Canada has proved challenging. Jamie Deith, chief executive of mining firm Eagle Graphite, described to the committee the struggles he has had raising capital to develop his graphite quarry in British Columbia, largely due to China’s stranglehold on the market.

China in the past has flooded markets with supply as a way to lower prices, making it less economically feasible for competitors to develop rare minerals.

The Chinese government has also restricted output in order to hike prices or to cut off foreign countries from strategic supply. China in 2010 cut Japan’s supply of rare earths in response to a dispute over the Diayou Islands, restricting its ability to manufacture hybrid cars and other products.


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Interesting National Post article:

"Raymond J. de Souza: Where lies Liberal loyalty: Canada or China?

The rot of appeasement that reached its nadir during the Chrétien years is well-advanced within the current federal government"   Raymond J. de Souza: Where lies Liberal loyalty: Canada or China? | National Post

Another interesting article:

  Appeasing China, New Zealand abandons the Five Eyes (msn.com)

Politicians have been selling out Canada to China for decades, especially liberals.  They see nothing wrong with this.

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There sees little end to the spineless Liberal efforts to ingratiate themselves with China's brutal dictatorship - or at least not make them any more annoyed with us.


The organizers of one of the world’s most prestigious defense gatherings are in the midst of an uncomfortable international standoff between the Canadian government and China over a major award they had planned to give to the president of Taiwan.

The standstill, which is ongoing and has not been previously reported, has created tension between the Halifax International Security Forum and the Canadian government, which is a major sponsor of the forum.

Late last year, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, the forum’s organizers decided to give its John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service to Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan. Cindy McCain, a member of the forum’s board of directors, greenlit the decision to honor Tsai with the prize named after her late husband.

It would have been the third time the HFX presented the McCain award. The first, in 2018, went to the people of Lesbos, Greece, for their efforts to save refugees; the second, in 2019, went to the citizen protesters in Hong Kong. HFX planned to give the third to Taiwan’s president for standing strong against China’s relentless pressure.

When Canadian officials learned of the forum’s plans, they made it clear that if organizers gave the honor to Tsai, the Canadian government would pull support — and funding — from HFX.



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More on the spineless kowtowing to China the Trudeau government is obsessed with. Threatening a respected foreign policy and defense organization with cutting its funding if it dares to recognize Taiwan's prime minister's accomplishments. I wonder what Chinese shoe leather tastes like. Maybe someone can ask Trudeau or his foreign minister during question period.

It is nothing if not rich in irony, this latest dramatic plot twist in the ongoing “world stage” soap opera chronicling the embarrassing ups and downs of the Trudeau government’s unrequited affections for Chinese strongman Xi Jinping. Of all people, Taiwan’s heroic president, the 64-year-old feminist and liberal Tsai Ing-wen, has been forced to endure the misfortune of being dragged into the script for this week’s episode.

Of all people: President Tsai is precisely the kind of dynamic middle-power personality the Trudeau Liberals, if we were to take them at their word about what they claim to stand for, would be falling all over themselves to be seen with. Nevertheless, in the last remaining setting at which Canada can still claim some international prestige — the Halifax International Security Forum (HFX), now in its 11th year — Team Trudeau has beclowned itself again, and this time it’s at Tsai’s expense.

Glavin: Canada squeezes out Taiwan's liberal-democracy champion | Ottawa Citizen

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