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Japan: probably the most hypocritical country

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During my Tokyo vacation, I met several Japanese people who opened my eyes to the real life of modern Japanese people.

So, being at school they are modest students, at their working places they are responsible and polite employees, being at home they are “keepers” of family happiness. And in their free time they behave like real perverts (I think you know what I mean).

The question arises: how can I trust someone who hypocrites daily and leads a double life? Everything that is accepted and legal in the country is supported by the gov, which is most likely as perverted as its people.

Maybe that's why the Japanese are so fiercely willing to stand out among all other nations? I mean economic development, the desire for military independence, the seizure of foreign territories (the Russian Kuril Islands, the Korean archipelago of Dokdo, etc.). Or what?

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