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lulz.  Andrew Coyne is a cuck of course, but this is still a accurate summation of the state of affairs;



It has been, I think we can all agree, a disgraceful election. Most elections are, but this one — this farrago of insults, gotchas, lies and giveaways; this all-party panderfest, in the face of looming recession, anemic growth, and an aging population; this collective shrug of indifference at racist provincial laws, rising national divisions, and a collapsing international order; this six-week symphony of cant — this is by common consent the most disgraceful in living memory.

Certainly neither of the two historic governing parties has begun to make the case for why they should be entrusted with power, as their sliding poll numbers reveal: if current trends hold, both will come in with less than a third of the vote, for the first time in our history. That is as much a tribute to their leaders as it is to their platforms: if the worst that can be said of Justin Trudeau is that he could not defeat a morally and intellectually vacuous marshmallow like Andrew Scheer, the worst that can be said of Scheer is that he could not defeat a preening fraud like Trudeau.

Ideally both would resign on election night. Alas, neither will — not if the result is as close as now seems likely. And yet that is the choice to which we are condemned: as incompetent, unethical and ruinous as the governments each would lead may be, the alternatives are worse. The NDP and Green platforms differ only in the scale of their fiscal and economic fantasies. The People’s Party, which might have been a voice for fiscal rigour and economic freedom, has instead become a haven for immigration hysterics, climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, together with the occasional neo-Nazi. The Bloc is, well, the Bloc.




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    • By Hussain
      Can you ever imagine a country like Canada not having clean drinking water? In the 1970s the Canadain government promised to bring clean drinking water to all of Canada. Now in 2020 100% of cities of clean drinking water and 99% of rural areas have clean drinking water. the 1% which is missing is the Indigenous reserves. People living on the reserves don't have access to clean drinking water. They are poorly funded. Now the question of what would the Canadian government do if Toronto had no cleaning drinking water?
      BTW if you guys want to know more about me and my youtube channel check it out. I interview high profile politicians including Former PMs and MPs and Senators. 
    • By Zeitgeist
      Trudeau doesn’t appear to be supporting Ontario infrastructure projects because the provincial government is Conservative.  The Liberal Feds have announced funding of major Montreal and Vancouver projects but nothing for Toronto.  Liberals claim it’s because the Ontario Conservatives haven’t put forward an adequate proposal, yet the Ontario proposal resembles those provided by other provinces that have Liberal governments.  Meanwhile, Bombardier will be cutting jobs in Thunder Bay if new Toronto transit programs aren’t funded.  The Federal Liberals are playing politics with Ontario jobs and transit.  
    • By Olijam
      For the past 20 years I have given my unequivocal support to the Liberal party, but with time I have started to struggle to reconcile my political beliefs with the party’s ideals, and that has nothing to do with Trudeau’s mess-ups.
      In general, people have liberal and progressive views when they are younger, but slowly turn to conservatism later in life. I am growing older, and I am leaving some of my liberal aspirations behind, but I still cannot jump on the conservative bandwagon.
      I cannot be liberal anymore because:
      1.       I am 100% against abortion (it is murder)
      2.       I cannot support third and fourth wave feminism in the western world (they are irrelevant)
      3.       I am a tired of political correctness
      4.       I am against equality of outcome and quotas based on gender and race (while being with equality of opportunity)
      I cannot become a conservative because:
      1.       I do not support the right to bear arms
      2.       I cannot understand climate change doubters and I feel sorry for them
      3.       I am opposed to chauvinistic views against immigration
      4.       I am with the government taxing the rich to provide more services to the less fortunate
      Let us discuss this. I am all for free speech.
    • By sillywalker
      We the people of Canada DEMAND change in Government. 
          We the people of Canada demand that the government that belongs to us and to whom we lend our democratic power to lead this country and to sit in opposition, change the laws that govern the behaviour of those politicians that take the oath of office. 
         We are tired of the way that parties spend our hard-earned tax dollars on things that do not benefit this country. We are tired of the lies by all parties and we are tired of the personal agendas that you all bring into the house of commons instead of working toward the common goal of bettering this great nation. 
         We are tired of the ethics violations, the misappropriation of money that does not belong to you and the way you spend on other countries while here in Canada our own go without. We are tired of the way Canadians are left out in the cold as soon as you take office and the opposition all of a sudden becomes sanctimonious in the way they say they want to save us. We are tired of the Pandering politicians on all sides. We are tired of the insider trading. We are tired of the wealthy being the ones that you listen to and not us average Canadians because in fact most of you have never worked a solid day in your life. 
         We are Tired of the way that the people we elect as our Members of Parliament stop speaking for us the moment  they are told to tow the party line. We are tired of the way the country gets ignored because as soon as you take power and the house sits you then worry about the next election rather than worrying about us the people.  
         We demand change and we have some changes we want: 
         1.  We the people demand, not ask, that recall be brought into law. 
         2.  We the people demand that restricted parliamentary privilege be restricted to times that it is a benefit to the country not the politicians. 
         3.  We demand that under conditions that regular Canadians would lose their jobs that the same apply to politicians in the same fast manor. 
         4. We demand that if fired there is an end of your pension no if ands or buts. 
         5. We demand that any financial penalties that politicians receive be proportional to the wages they earn so as to sting them as we the citizens get stung. 
         6.We the people demand that when a politician ends his term that he not use political influence to enrich himself or family, if they do they are to be prosecuted. 
         7. We demand that all monies earned by the writing of books or speaking engagements by any serving politician or politician that has served (because they were only in that position to serve the country) should be paid to charity. 
         8. We demand that any politician caught deliberately lying to the citizens of this country be removed from office immediately. 
         9. We demand that any politician working against the people of this country be removed from office and if deemed serious enough be charged in a court of law. 
          These demands are put before you by citizens of all political parties, All genders and all races. 
       We the citizens of Canada have had enough of governments dividing the peoples and spending recklessly so as to force our taxes to a level that makes it hard to support our families. 
               Go to change.org to sign this petition called
                We the people of Canada DEMAND change in Government.               
    • By ReeferMadness
      1. A climate change policy
      2. Legalized pot
      3. Electoral reform
      4. No more talk of niqabs or barbaric practices hotlines
      5. An end to CRA targeting of charities
      6. Scientists who can speak up
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