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NDP vs Liberals, which one is going to out-left the other?

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5 minutes ago, cougar said:

The unifying force on this continent is not spiritual or nationalistic; it is economical. 

Only to Canadians, because Canada is a fake country, a former British colony no longer British, an empty void being filled by America by default.

Americans are nationalistic, that nation is simply the Declaration of Independence preamble and constitution of the Republic.

You don't know what I'm talking about, because you are a typical Canadian, living in a land which does not know the true story of its people.

Very deliberate in fact, since the Liberals erased that story in the 1960's and replaced it with their own dogma.

Hence why English Canada is full of useless dickheads who spend most of their time obsessing about America instead of learning about their own historical narrative.

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