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Andrew Scheer needs to go.

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2 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

"percentage of profits...."         Assuming that a "percentage of losses" would be included in your utopian plan ?

You do realize I voted more conservative than the conservatives. I'm just trying to address the reasons why so many people want to vote liberal.

I think extreme income inequality is apart of it. I particularly concerned with the way transnational corporations exploit child labor to make clothing, if that make's me sound like communist , well than so be it... 

I agree with the conservatives on ending high taxes, reducing the public sector, and ending deficit-financing. But i'll never support winner-takes-all capitalism. 

I'm ok with billionaires existing, but not if they're feeding 9 year old kids rice, to make sweaters they sell for $50 or $100.

I want to some reforms in Capitalism, so we can lean towards patriotic capitalism, that make all workers feel valued, and not just another brick in the wall.


Yes... it's a slipper slope, that will force us to modernize conservatism and get creative.... but sometimes philosophy's have to evolve or they die.

If conservatives continue to defend winner-takes-all capitalism, will never gain any traction. What are we doing to appeal to young people?

We need to think about our brand, and how we're going to compete with the politicians who say they will tax the rich to death.... and this will be justice for the working class. I know the scams the liberals are pulling.... so why can't we come up with an honest alternative.... that makes people take a chance on conservatives... who still think when Capitalism is done right, it can be an extreme force for good?


If you think capitalism should be winner-take-all, than guess what? You're fair game... What happens if you get diabetes, and big pharma decides to 5x the price of insulin, just because conservatives think, what anyone charges is nobody's business?

Are you happy with the cartels running Canada? Do you like paying $100 cellphone bills because you went 1 gig over your data limit? Is it nobody's business what the corporations charge us?

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On 11/7/2019 at 7:53 PM, Nefarious Banana said:

Still doesn't change the fact that your shoes are on the wrong feet. 

Andrew Scheer will never be PM . . . probably a nice guy,  just doesn't have the 'royal jelly' . . . 

Oh brother, putting aside the fact that the sarcasm in that post was lost on you (if the praising of Harpers charisma didn't do it, the hahaha should have) Shoes are the wrong angle to come at me with a sad attempt at an insult?      My shoe collection is probably worth more than your house and that's just including the ones with laces

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