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The Hypocrisy of the "Scheer Should Step Down" Articles in the Media

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Just now, eyeball said:

Because the discussion includes the retardedness of an increasingly popular right-wing conservative conspiracy theory.


It's not a theory...."right wing" populism made strong gains on both sides of the pond....before Trump.

Scheer had good results, just not enough to capitalize on the right wing wave at the provincial level.

Of course the winning seems retarded to the leftist losers.

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Poor Andrew Scheer...he didn't realize that in Canada, having American citizenship is a far greater sin than wearing brownface/blackface and the Afro wig.

Did you read the link I posted? Get over yourself.

Any party leader who loses an election should face such questions. The CBC is certainly not making up the fact that Scheer lost. 

On 12/13/2019 at 2:03 PM, eyeball said:

Of course that's why they were leaving.  I'm agreeing with you but I'm wrong. Why on Earth do you insist on being so stupid about this?  I'll tell you why, it's because your belief in the existence of a Deep-State is making you retarded.

That's a straw-man if I've ever seen one. I never once have used the word deep state here, even regarding the US scenario where that is obviously the case, nor have I ever accused the Canadian gov't of of having any such thing going on.

I'm accusing the CBC and CTV Newz of having a ridiculous level of bias. That's it. When Harper may have committed a single minor ethics breach it was headline news for 3 years. When Trudeau obvioulsy committed 2 major ethics breaches and obstructed justice in more ways than one it wasn't a big deal. It's been a lot less than 3 years since SNC etc, and it's like a distant memory on our newz.


An even better question would have been to ask why so many other members didn't leave or question their leadership.

There were a lot of first-term MPs in the Lib Party last time around. They don't earn a pension until their 5th year. Trudeau had all of those guys over a barrel. 

CBC never questioned Trudeau's leadership, his ethics, nothing. They'd never publish an article which cast Trudeau in such a negative light.


Maybe the Conservative Party needs a Deep-State of its own so it can start countering the advances of the Liberal Party's Deep-State. What do you think?

Another straw man. Get a life.

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So who should be Conservative leader?  I like Rona Ambrose.  She’s strong, smart, experienced, and electable.  Kenny endorses her.  I hope Peter MacKay doesn’t win. I still remember his fake weeping apology in the Parliament over Belinda Stronach.  He couldn’t throw her under the bus fast enough.  Also his weird double standard prostitution policy.  Imagine it being legal to produce and sell weed but not to smoke it?  That’s our current law: Prostitution remains underground and in the hands of organized crime because while earning money for sex isn’t illegal, paying for it is.  This is MacKay, a fake self-righteous hypocrite.  No thanks.  

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