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It's Official, the Trump-Russia Investigation was a Partisan Witch Hunt


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33 minutes ago, godzilla said:

And further cementing that you can't rely on a word Barr says... Everything is "still possible" with this guy, irrespective of him not being able to dig up anything to support whatever that thing is.

Barr: Still possible FBI launched Russia probe in ‘bad faith’

It's well-known now, with the benefit of hindsight, that the US spied on Americans before the first FISA warrant was issued, that exculpatory evidence was withheld when FISA warrants were applied for and in their subsequent renewals, that the validity of evidence was exaggerated in the FISA applications, that the corroboration of evidence in the dossier was faked, and that members of the FBI mislead the FISA court about the amount of evidence that was being discovered so that the FISA warrant could be renewed.

You were there for the last 3 years. You know that every day CNN and the Dems said that new evidence was just discovered and that indisputable evidence of collusion was about to be revealed. Turns out that they never had any at all, the whole time.

Do you think it's all good godzilla? Not at all dude. This is the epitome of bad.

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This is kind of an aside, but Lori Laughlin is facing extremely severe consequences for a college bribery scheme. https://deadline.com/2019/11/lori-loughlin-prison-college-bribery-scandal-felicity-huffman-fbi-1202766279/

If you compare what is happening to her for paving the way into college for her kids, like fifty thousand other Americans have probably done over the years, it's pretty crazy if people like Biden who game the international politics system for their own gain get off Scot-free, or FBI members who lie to a FISA court in order to get warrants go free as well.

The credibility of the justice system is at stake here. Heads need to roll, and they need to be seen to roll.

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AG Barr:


"They withheld from the court all the exculpatory information," he said, calling the anti-Trump dossier used to bolster the warrant applications a "sham."

Barr's NBC Interview:



In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Barr essentially dismissed the findings of the Justice Department's inspector general that there was no evidence of political bias in the launching of the Russia probe, saying that his hand-picked prosecutor, John Durham, will have the last word on the matter.


"I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press," Barr said. "I think there were gross abuses …and inexplicable behavior that is intolerable in the FBI."

"I think that leaves open the possibility that there was bad faith."

Barr's blistering criticism of the FBI's conduct in the Russia investigation, which went well beyond the errors outlined in the inspector general report, is bound to stoke further debate about whether the attorney general is acting in good faith, or as a political hatchet man for Trump.

The evidence of bias from the text messages alone was overwhelming, it's ridiculous for the IG to conclude that there was no bias when there 17 significant errors and omissions in FISA warrant applications. If Trump made 1 error in a FISA Court Apllication there would be another witch hunt.

ABC News has a lot to say about the IG Report:


IG: 17 'significant errors or omissions' in FISA applications for Trump campaign aide Page but no intentional misconduct

IG: 17 'significant errors or omissions' in FISA applications for Trump campaign aide Page but no intentional misconduct

The Associated Press
9 December 2019, 09:59
1 min read

WASHINGTON -- IG: 17 'significant errors or omissions' in FISA applications for Trump campaign aide Page but no intentional misconduct.

That's literally the whole article lol. Apparently they're not concerned by 17 "significant" errors and omissions by the FBI and high-ranking government officials which all tilted in the exact same way.  

I think that ABC gave a bit more coverage to the "TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIANS AND HE'S ABOUT TO BE IMPEACHED ANY DAY NOW" fiasco part of the story than the part where the inconvenient truths start popping out.

The Dems and the FBI are in trouble now, this impeachment story is about to start looking really small.

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14 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

The Dems and the FBI are in trouble now, this impeachment story is about to start looking really small.


Agreed...their already weak case has been undermined by the latest  public revelations.  

Carter Page was a CIA asset/resource, so of course he had contact with Russians !


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It gets even worse!

Ted Cruz: “A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email that is in turn used as the basis for a sworn statement for the court, that the court relies on. Am I stating that accurately?"

Inspector General: “That is correct.  That is what occurred.”

Yet we have people in this forum that look at this and say...meh.  It’s Trump so it doesn’t matter.  People need to realize that acknowledging the seriousness of this doesn’t mean you have to think Trump didn’t do anything wrong, or doesn’t deserve to be impeached.  But so far during the Trump’s first term, the McCarthyism era has been revived, as well as the J. Edgar Hoover era.

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I ca not believe how you Trump groupies blindly ignore the evidence. No one not even Republicans denying what he did. If

you think its acceptable for an elected leader to ask a foreign power to investigate someone that President is running against

than good for you. That's the level of politics you accept. Most of us do not.The only thing partisan is the Republican

Senate defending Trump because they are too spineless to defend the right of the America people to have a President

who does not put himself above the laws of the state he was sworn to uphold. Trump has shown he can not grasp the difference

between the best interests of the US and his own personal partisan needs and he was willing to blackmail a country in need of

US help to harass someone running against him.

The issue you partisan Trump supporters won't touch is why if Trump felt a crime had been done, he stayed out of it and let

the proper police agency investigate. Why? Because he has partisan  battles with the FBI, CIA and every agency in the US government.

He has fired anyone who works for him non stop because he trusts no one.

He has turned foreign relations over to his re-election man. Rudolph the Rednosed joker.

How anyone can defend what Trump has done with his litany of firings, twitter rants, lack of statesmanship, forming alliances with Putin,

Kim and Erdogan praising their facism, is beyond moi. Then again people love Putin, Hitler, Stalin. Erdogan, Trudeau and Kim Kardashian so

I can only say I like Billy Eilish and think she should be President. I like that little wierd child. Great music. She shows a lot of insight.

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1 hour ago, Rue said:

How anyone can defend what Trump has done with his litany of firings, twitter rants, lack of statesmanship, forming alliances with Putin,

I try to keep my sense of morality or expectations of decorum out of it. Here’s the way I look at this.

1) All politics is dirty.

2) Those things you listed are offensive. Yes it’s poor behaviour by a president. For this he should have been censored right away.

3) Is what he’s done impeachable.

I don’t know. 

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1 hour ago, Michael Hardner said:

Real conservatives are also concerned because anything he gets away with, or God forbid gets his stacked courts to agree to can be used by future Democrats.  And your rhetoric will have no effect then just as my TDS has no effect now.


Already happened long ago...see "FDR"....now considered one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

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this is being covered in the other thread... Barr says the exact opposite of what all of these reports by hand picked "yes" men say. that appears to be his job now. Horowitz didn't come up with the right answer so I guess he should resign right?

Horowitz pushes back at Barr over basis for Trump-Russia probe

Senate Republicans defend FBI director after Trump lashes out

guess not!

anyways... now they got Durham. they should be able to eventually get the right answer from these hand picked "yes" men... I mean, eventually.


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