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Warning to All MLW Members - Fear and the Cronavirus

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1 minute ago, Yzermandius19 said:

I admit my partisanship, it's the Trump Haters who refuse to do so. If you attack the way a politician speaks, that's weak sauce, if you think that ace material, your priorities are f*cked.

What are you even talking about!? When you support a politician you're saying "This is the man who should be our leader."

Who would a reasonable person want as a leader? Someone who's smart, knowledgeable, honest and brave.

Trump is none of those things.

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Fear is a virus, and you've been infected.  Doesn't hurt to be prepared but let's keep things in perspective.

Unfortunately the virus doesn't discriminate and it takes many tens of innocent Iranians before killing one regime associate. That said many regime thugs and a few regime ayatollahs have been sent to

It's hard to get a perspective on this since we don't really know how it's going to go. The health authorities do say it's only a matter of time. And if you examine what is known or what we think abou

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