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Canadian Miracle - The Canadian Pacific Railroad

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1 hour ago, PIK said:

 Oil is not dying. I hope the kids realize that if oil does goes, their new phones will be 20 grand each. lol

The story goes that when Canada stops producing oil we will be the country that's manufacturing and selling all the solar panels and other eco-friendly energy solutions to the other countries. That's because our manufacturing base completely dominates the international scene, I guess? Somehow we will be able to make that stuff far cheaper than the Chinese, Malaysians, Mexicans, etc. 

Yeah so that will be a thing. And we will be able to afford massive amounts of refugees coming in, we'll have a really high minimum wage, university will be free, there will be extremely high taxes on businesses and wealthy people, which will help keep green manufacturing jobs here instead of having them go overseas.

The Libs have a plan PIK. Things are looking great right now.

Sadly, we won't have a railroad because freight trains run on fossil fuels.

Yay save the planet. 


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On 3/8/2020 at 3:04 AM, August1991 said:

Uh, he wasn't commissioned.

In Canada, in Quebec - indeed America - people write such songs because they are free to do this:


It's my understanding that in fact the educational TV service ordered-up the song.

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1 hour ago, cannuck said:

One thing is consistent with today:  we need Chinese to do the work, since we can't get off our ass and perform.

Actually, it was mostly the Irish. If I recall correctly, the Chinese labourers only worked on one section in BC.

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