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Canada is Broken


2 hours ago, SkyHigh said:

How is asking what he means by ...

... is now in a separate thread.

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23 minutes ago, Charles Anthony said:


Stay on topic.  Avoid thread derailment.  

Im sure I'll get "reprimanded" for speaking out of turn again, and im sure you won't even acknowledge this response, but i grow more and more tired of the lack of productive discourse of this forum anyway. So here goes

How is asking what he means by "Nova Scotia traditions" by inquiring about the deportation of the first "nation" to settle in Canada. Particularly when he is defending a British interpretation of said history that the Queen herself apologized for? 

Or is the truth you now have a personal bias against me and will interject when you feel im one upping someone you agree with?

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2 hours ago, SkyHigh said:

You mean the Acadian traditions developed by being the first that settled there, or the scared British tradition that threatened the women and children to deport them?

The Acadian french culture and language is surviving quite well in Canada today, especially in New Brunswick. It is doing a lot better now since the old days. It is now the french that are treating the English language as if it were a second class language in Canada. The french pretty much own and run Canada today. 70% of the employees that work for the federal government in Ottawa are french. As a matter of fact anything that has to do with the french language and culture in Canada today is the number one priority culture that must be protected at all costs even though it probably has cost the rest of English Canada trillions of tax dollars since old man liberal Trudeau came along and gave us bilingualism. A make work project and program for the french of Quebec. It has worked out quite well for old man Trudeau. I think that it is safe to say that it is the french in Canada that has broken the back of Canada.  :unsure:

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1 hour ago, SkyHigh said:

Ive spoken at the ceremonies in Grand-pré, I know the history of your morally bankrupt coward ancestors

Now what is needed to be known by all is the fact that it was the french from Quebec who we now has broken the back of English Canada, and who has been behind the creation of disunity, and division that now exists in Canada today. It's too bad English Canada cannot break away and separate from Quebec. Liberalism and socialism would surely be gone. But until this happens, Canada will stay as it is broken. :(

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1 hour ago, Dougie93 said:

They saved France, twice, on the Western Front & Juno Beach, so it all worked out in the end.

History that the french in Canada like to ignore as fact. ;)

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3 minutes ago, taxme said:

History that the french in Canada like to ignore as fact. ;)

They're not the same French, Quebec was the House of Bourbon, which the French overthrew,  in Canada things carried on under the Roman Catholic Church

I once was on exercise with the Vandoos and the French Army, and I had more in common with the French troops than the Vandoos did.

I speak Parisien French, so me and this French Caporal-Chef were making fun of the Vandoos and their strange hillbilly dialect and accent

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