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Stopping the Next Pandemic

Guest ProudConservative

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Guest ProudConservative

I would like to think that a serious pandemic like this comes only once every 100 years. If there is a silver lining, is that governments are gathering critical data, in order to stop the next pandemic. Viruses don't respect borders, so we need to hold all countries accountable for their biological safety and hygiene standards. The official story is that this virus came from a wet market in China. Weather than is true or not, we must abolish the wet markets globally.

Then there is the issue of Biosafety Level 4 labs. I understand the need to research deadly virus, and produce vaccines against potential Bio-Weapons. Right now i'm not as concerned with the safety of these lab, as I am with the location of these labs. In my opinion Canada is being criminally negligent running a BSL-4 lab next to a major city. I believe all BSL 4 labs need to be relocated to extremely remote areas. Perhaps we could put them on remote islands. 

I realize that this will costs more... Since you will have to build a landing strip, and dormitories for the workers, but we simply can't risk having them in cities anymore. We need to have very strong safety protocols. Once a worker leaves the lab, they must stay on the bio-safety base between 14 days and a month. For any worker to leave the base, they must have a full medical evaluation done, and blood test to determine if that worker could possibly be infected. Now I know that sounds draconian and authoritarian... But lets compare that to the impact of a future pandemic.

If a worker were to unknowingly become infected, by a virus being researched in a lab.... It could have the potential to kill half the worlds population.

If an outbreak does occur in any country, we need a sophisticated form of contracting tracing, to get all the infected people isolated, before it leaves a region... This is going to require a 1984 surveillance state... Where your phone keeps track of every person you meet in your daily life. We actually need that data, but we would have to have that stored in a way, as to protect civil liberals.... Where it could on be accessed during an emergency.

How do we create a surveillance state, to protect us from future pandemics, while protecting civil liberties? I don't have a problem with the government collecting massive amounts of data, as long as their are safeguards to protect abuse.

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