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22 hours ago, scribblet said:

I think the Babylon Bee nailed it   (satire)


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Amid political bickering over a potential economic relief package, Democrats warned Americans that the stimulus bill would stimulate the economy.

"This stimulus bill might stimulate the economy -- which would hurt our chances to stop the bad orange man," said Senator Chuck Schumer. "We can't overstate how much damage this would do to our 2020 campaign. The last thing we need is a strong economy going into November."

Sadly, this is 'ostensible satire' for sure.

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Michael Hardener, here is the document Shady mentioned (H.R. 6379)

As my friend would say, prove it to yourself!

Section 207 is the 'Minority depository institution' section, and the #00 000 000 Refugee and Migration is under BILATERAL ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE


I like how they earmarked $635 000 000 for the arts and humanities (we all know this will be spent ala adrienne clarkson, fancy parties and trips for friends),

and the mental health services aspect only gets $435 000 000, that they have to split with substance abuse (haha! oh they care alright).



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On 3/24/2020 at 12:49 PM, Shady said:

It’s getting tough to defend Democrats.


That's America for you. Other places put aside differences in times of crisis and pull together but Americans double-down on the partisan vitroil.

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These losers distracted attention away from covid with their idiotic Ukraine investigation, held up aid to Americans on two different occasions now, gave Americans worse advice than the WHO, got into the fight against covid late, now they're acting like Trump was slow to fight covid.

There were less than 100 deaths in the US when he shut down the country. That was only 3 weeks after Nancy Pelosi's infamous hugging tour in SF's Chinatown. But the Dems would have shut the country down earlier? Like when? The day after Nancy "let them eat cake" Pelosi's video?

As if that's not enough idiocy, their dimwitted leader did an attack ad on Trump claiming that Trump is too soft on China lol. The guy whose son flew to China on AF2 and got $1.5 billion in business from the Communist Bank of China is the last person on earth the Dems needed leading them in this election lol, but they deserve it. 

The official party of slavery is now the official party of late-term abortions, racial division, and stupidity. 


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