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I saw this on tv last night.  Creativity on the fore!  This thread will be about  any diy.....just so to give us more ideas.


Canadian doctor who works in Gaza makes 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19



How to simplify that even more....






You don't need to speak or understand her language to know what she's doing. 




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Henry Ford staff craft homemade face masks and eye shield PPE

Henry Ford Health System staff are getting creative amid the coronavirus pandemic and creating their own personal protective equipment out of everyday items.

The face mask is made out of a quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric that can be bleached and used repeatedly by staff. It has elastic straps for securing it onto the face, contains a top pocket with a nose piece inside to provide structure when worn, and has another pocket in which staff can replace filter material inside.

For eye protection, the staff used a see through plastic material to create a face shield that can also be bleached. Attached is an elastic band that enables staff members to wear the shield comfortably and easily take it on and off. A Popsicle stick glued on to the top of the plastic provides comfort and structure for the head, and a snap allows the band to be removed to be bleached.

The face shield falls against the mask to provide enough room and breathability for staff. The shield also provides extra protection by extending beyond the side of the provider’s face, and falls low enough to prevent drops of any substance from falling onto areas below the face.




Seamstresses/dressmakers, etc.., should be commissioned to make quality-controlled mass production of  these protective gears for our healthcare staff and first responders!

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