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The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism

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his event reminds me why I was a communist in my youth. I've been a conservative now for thirty years, but not someone whose values have changed. And while there are some devotees of Ayn Rand on the right, most of the conservatives I know are like me in this respect. But read on.

Summary: the UK is closing down, like other countries. There will be economic hardship all round, no question. And those who own only their labor-power will be hit the hardest. The answer is not government ownership of the economy, but we can argue that elsewhere. However, there is unavoidable hardship ... and then there is being a pig.

I just wanted to bring this story to MapleLeaf Web people.

We have a hotel chain in the UK, called Britannia Hotels. I don't recommend staying in ione of them under normal circumstances: it has been voted the worst hotel chain in the country, for
seven years running. [ https://www.theguardian.com/busines...orst-chain-seventh-year-in-a-row-which-survey ] On the other hand, maybe that's made them lower their prices and the tradeoff would have been worth it. Free market and all that.

But now ... here is what these pigs did: they sacked their staff (mainly overseas workers), and evicted them, with no notice. Out on the street, immediately. Here's the story:


Click on it, read it.

Of course, these pigs immediately tried to CYA:


I've followed the story ... nowhere does it say they rehired the staff or fired the pig who did the sacking. I contacted them. No reply, of course. Stonewall it. No one cares, right?

So ... I would like to request everyone to repost this story wherever you can: Facebook, Twitter, whatever other forums you are on.

And -- most important -- email them and tell them you will never ever ever stay in their filthy hotels again, and that you are going to spread the word among all your friends to do the same. A couple of days have passed now and they're probably saying, 'Ha, it's all blown over'. No it hasn't. It doesn't matter whether you ever did or ever would stay in one of their hotels. Go ahead and lie. God will forgive you.

Here's their contact details. It will take you thirty seconds to type in a message: https://www.britanniahotels.com/contact-us

What they did is disgusting purely in its own right. As a tiny footnote, this is what makes idealistic young people become Reds -- by this act they probably recruited five thousand kids to the Incredibly Revolutionary Socialist Proletarian Peoples Party or whatever the toy revolutionaries call themselves nowadays.

And I think that it would be just terrible.... really really terrible ... if, in a year or two, when things are back to normal ... if they're still in business ... some Hacktivists made their website an ongoing never-ending target for denial-of-service attacks and the like, unpredictably, every few months. I would cry myself to sleep over that.

Capitalism, with all its brutality, is the only system that brings prosperity. There is no alternative. But some of its worst enemies are certain capitalists themselves.

Make them suffer.

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I think that had a lot to do with it. In any case, it was stupid, and I'm not surprised to see that management like that, also managed to get them rated as the worst hotel chain in the UK, seven years running.

This is just the sort of thing that the Left loves ... they will use it as an example of the typical behavior of capitalists, when in fact it is not.

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