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I applied for the CERB today then found out I was too "early" - is this a problem?

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I don't blame you, you should be worried if you didn't get any status notifications re: if you correctly completed the process or not.

Perhaps you can login to your CERB account https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/e-services-individuals/account-individuals.html then ask some questions, through that portal.  They'll be compelled to respond then.


good luck

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i assume you should be fine.  They probably want people to apply based on birthday so the online system isn't over-flooded and doesn't crash.  Millions of people are out of work.

If you don't get your payment by Monday then just apply again on Monday.  I don't think anyone here can answer your questions with any certainty.

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4 hours ago, Moonlight Graham said:

I hope you spend it on drugs and booze and cigarettes.

I hope he knows yer mooning him..they don't call you moonlight for the hell of it...geez if he  spends it on a sex trade worker he would have to wear a mask and gloves...better off spending it on Jack Daniel's, lemon juice, crushed ice,  a Corona ( the beer man not the virus) to the side and listen to some Janis Joplin. 

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