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Upon reading an article by Charles Krauthammer in my NP today ...  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...5101301783.html ...

I'm now itching to put all my money on him if he qualifies and makes it in.


All I'm waiting for now is Preston Manning to draw in and I will have a great bet going by betting all three ... Irshad, Preston and Charles ... in a trifecta.

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preston manning?

great thinker.

I hope he gets in.

Wouldn't it be a mammoth slap in the faces of Harper's Conservatives who threw him out like a worn out shoe ...... let alone if he won?

yes (oh my)

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This question about who is Canada's best intellectual is absurd.

Do you put up an obvious choice who spouts off intellecual thoughts verbatim is the best choice?

Or do you measure intellegence by someone who takes their words and actaully applies them in a meaningful way through action?

So is the stuffy professor who spouts out a book every semester on the theory of the canadian political sphere any better than the person who comes up with a scientific theory about a disease than goes out and attempts to create a cure? Or the writer who writes a stellar book that becomes standard reading in highschools, helping to prepare the minds of youth for the real world? Or what about the person who says, hey, life sucks, so i'm going to go out and raise awareness about such and such cause and raises bucketloads of money, helping relieve the various strained charitable agencies?

Yet one more reason why i think the National Post is intellectual dribble.

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Oh..and btw..if you are going to nominate Preston Manning because he developed an political ideology and made a political party out of it, than i guess its only fair to nominate Lucien Bouchard who helped create the Bloc Quebecois?

For all its worth, I have met Preston Manning and he is very kind and intellegent in my opinion. He would be a good choice...but i'm just demonstrating how that kind of nomination could be applied to others of the same vein.

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Yodeler..have I offended you in any way? I did not even know who you were or that you were a poster here until you have responded to me rudely in this post and in another post. Again..if you think I am some previous memeber, i can assure you that I am not. Greg can confirm by running a simple IP check. I would suggest instead of you being the self appointed board police that you go back to responding to posts in a meaningful manner...engage in a thought out debate. You are capable of such action, am i correct in assuming?

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Margaret Atwood is one of Canada's greatest writers.

Dear Thelonius!

She's in, but don't get your hopes up!

I know I know ... it has been a long time between drinks for that woman, but that doesn't mean we should stroke her ego now because this award has nothing to do with novelists. So no matter how much she complains that she didn't get an award in a long long time, she will not get it now.

And lets face it, dear Thelonious, that is all she ever was good at .... writing novels.

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Is your husband in the medical corps, Semper. I think you said that he was in the forces.

I don't have a husband. :( hehehe. I do have an close dear friend (we were boyfriend and girlfriend..but he was deployed in January and we decided to step back to friendship level).

He is Enlisted (E-6) and a gunnery seargent with the U.S. Marine Corp, stationed at Cherry Point. He is in intellegence, so he doesnt technically see alot of combat per se. He if the military gets their shit together, should be coming back in November...but per OPSEC, I can't confirm if that is true or not. ;) And who knows where our relationship will go from there. We have other issues like he being American and me being Canadian. Not too sure if i want to give that up or not.

Ok..should probably not be so open about my relationship on a board that eat their dead. Hahaha.

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Well i guess i could. But being that others have asked and not been accomodated, than i guess we can communicate wherever we can. Noone else seems to have a problem hijacking posts with useless inquiries....*see your own responses to any of my posts*

Oh..and semper is a girl.

I would almost say you were stalking me, but ill just say troll and leave it at that.

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Yah, I hear ya. If you look at all that members post, a good 95% are derogatory to the person making the post, do not contribute in any meaningful way to the debate and this individual cannot seem to muster anything beyond one line responses.

He/she/it seems to have a problem with people hijacking his posts, but he/she/it has yet to answer the referendum question. Apparantly my age and astrology is more crucial to he/she/its life.

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He/she/it  seems to have a problem with people hijacking his posts, but he/she/it ....

Deleted. :rolleyes:

I drunk some corn liquor last night with Irvin Cobb, and today I have no clue what I posted. So I deleted it.

This was the first time I drunk corn licker, and it's everything Irvin told me it is, and more:

"It smells like gangrene starting in a mildewed silo,

it tastes like the wrath to come, and when you

absorb a deep swig of it you have all the sensations

of having swallowed a lighted kerosene lamp;

A sudden, violent jolt of it has been known to stop the

victim's watch, snap his [her/it's] suspenders and

crack his [her/it's] glass eye right across."

My ophthalmoligist won't be pleased.

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