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Meanwhile in Toronto ... Let's debate a picture

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On 5/3/2020 at 1:57 PM, New World Disorder said:

Could be similar to the way US citizens hold the flag upside down to represent dire times.

Technically an upside down flag originally meant a cry for help on the seven seas thus a distress signal of a sinking ship.  It then evolved to be used by protesters to  symbolize a country as  a sinking ship  in need of urgent help and thus your comment which is for that reason accurate.

However the upside down flag is also considered if not used to seek genuine help an act of cowardice because pirates used it to attract ships to then plunder them.

So asking for help as a political exercise when you disagree with a country's policy is considered a misuse of a genuine plea for help for false  reasons and therefore cowardly and insulting.

In fact  any use of a flag upside down other than for a genuine call for help  is considered a deliberate insult to all the citizens  of the country of flag as theflag is a symbol of all  the people.

As well,  holding a flag upside down, burning it, stomping on it, defecating or urinating on it, or placing one national flag underneath another,  flying a flag at half mast as a protest signal, flying a faded, torn, stained or defaced flag are all considered deliberate insults.





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