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Military on the streets (if second wave) ?!

Should the military be deployed on the streets in case of a second wave ?  

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1 hour ago, Army Guy said:

We have x 3 infantry Regt spread across Canada's 3 Brigade groups( what composes most of the army).... , each Regt has 3 BN's , each BN might be equal to 600 troops (under manned),

all toll 5400 regular force infantry soldiers.... to put that into context the US Marine Corp has more women serving than all our army personal combined.... 

That's interesting because 5400 is exactly the size of the Toronto police service...

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2 hours ago, Argus said:

That's interesting because 5400 is exactly the size of the Toronto police service...

It's embarrassing is what it is, And most Canadians know very little of the facts about our military , and if they did they would be shocked.. or atleast I hoped they would be shocked, but somehow I don't think the majority give a rats ass....

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12 hours ago, Rue said:

Oh I get it you are one of those communists. Let me guess you think socialism just came down out of the sky like snow.

No I'm quite certain the brave little progressive monkeys that led our species out of the trees brought it down with them.


Poof it was there looking after everyone. It didn't depend on taxes. Socialism just appeared from thin air. There is no cost to it.

Actually it appeared with us slowly over millions of years.  It probably came at a cost to lesser species though.


You just say gimmee and poof you have meat on your plate, no conditions, no labour, no work,  no curtailing of freedoms, no lie ups, no oppressive surveillance and political police its all just nirvanah baby.The government is a big tit that just oozes out that milk for your commie heart desires.

Geez what you triggered you today rue? Get a grip. 



How far you want to go with your delusions to try to point out someone else is deluded. Nothing more ridiculous then someone strung out on an lsd flashback from the 60's lecturing another on truth. You are Oprah talking about dieting.

Oooh  wow man, Che Gevera t shirts and berets, like I dig it baby. The woodstock generation. Everyone shared. Hah. The Rolling Stones weren't capitalists. They were musicians of the people. They never asked for money. Neither did Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Janis, any of them. It was all peace and love man and Eye thinks if he wears his purple Janis Joplin spectacles its all just purple man.

Hey someone tell him Jimmi, Janis, Jim,  Keith Moon, etc., all overdosed and died. Choked on their own vomit.


Your brain is pickled in Ayn Rand flavoured Electric Kool-aid.

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