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Should President Trump get involved? By having his US-DOJ file hate crime charges against these Devils??

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President Trump can tremendously increase his support among negros, by charging these two White racists



Running While Black: Ahmaud Arbery’s killing reveals runners’ shared fears of profiling

Ahmaud Arbery Protest

James Ravenell, an IT professional and founder of the national group Black Runners Connection, calls running his meditation — an escape from the daily stress of being black in America. Now he feels running has been sullied for him.

“Running is a thing that allows us to escape, even just for a little bit, from all the craziness,” said Ravenell, 45, of Brooklyn, New York. “Here’s a thing that so many of us are trying to do … just so we can stay physically fit and mentally fit. To have this type of assault on us is just really exhausting.”

When video emerged this week of runner Ahmaud Arbery being fatally shot in February by two white men outside of Brunswick, Georgia, it released a feeling of frustration in Ravenell. On Thursday, father and son duo Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

“I’m legitimately just tired of it,” Ravenell told The Undefeated. “It’s a lot of trauma to constantly know that people see you and they just feel threatened by you, by nothing that you have done.”

...When asked for his reaction to the arrests, he said, “just relieved that these two men are now in custody and out of our community, and the first steps are now being taken so that this family can now get justice for their son.”

The case unfolded as the country was just beginning to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. Arbery was running in a neighborhood outside of Brunswick when the McMichaels spotted him, grabbed two guns and followed him in a truck, according to a police report. The elder McMichael told police that Arbery resembled a suspect in a string of nearby robberies. In a video released Tuesday, Arbery is seen running and coming upon a truck. When he next comes into view, he is tussling with a man and three gun blasts are heard. Arbery died on the street, authorities said.

A prosecutor in Georgia held onto the case for weeks before recusing himself due to a conflict of interest, and then advised the Glynn County, Georgia, Police Department that there was insufficient probable cause to bring charges, The New York Times reported. The elder McMichael is a former police officer and former investigator for the district attorney’s office.

The case has brought outcries for answers from all corners. Los Angeles Lakers star/activist LeBron James and other athletes, such as tennis phenom Coco Gauff, joined the conversation on social media.

“We can all relate to just being out there running and not thinking this will be your last day on earth.” — Anthony Reed

What makes cases like this one sting in particular for black runners, especially black men, is that they already go out of their way to let the public know they are not a threat, said Ravenell and Davon Culley, the other co-founder of Black Runners Connection. They wear bright colors and clothing that is clearly intended for running. They stick to neighborhoods they know, they said. If they see women, particularly white women, they make sure to steer clear.

Ultramarathon runner and triathlete Phoenix Mourning-Star said he is used to keeping his guard up and keeping an eye out for trouble when using streets and trails to train. Mourning-Star, an epidemiologist out of Washington, is in Waterville, Maine, temporarily to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The endurance athlete, who also is a diversity consultant, said that having to train in Maine, where the black population is 1.2%, has brought this home for him.

“White America does not have to teach their boys and girls to be careful,” said Mourning-Star, 41.

For some, sharing a story of being threatened, harassed or, at the very least, being stopped for no reason by police or security, is a common thread...




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I don’t believe in hate crime legislation.  Whether you murder out of hate, or jealousy or revenge, or money, etc shouldn’t matter.  Murderers should be sentenced appropriately.  These a-holes should get whatever the 1st degree murder warrants.

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7 hours ago, Shady said:

I don’t believe in hate crime legislation.  

I agree. But I still understand why the legislation is surely needed in order to suppress any USA racist White's desires to return to America's ugly past ---going around killing people solely because they had Black skin.



These a-holes should get whatever the 1st degree murder warrants.

The White racist shooters? Or the White-racist cops who came on the scene, gathered testimony, watched the video, then gave the two White Devils a pat on their heads/sent them on home two months ago, without charging them with murder??

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