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New study finds that people with radical views... are just stupid.

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2 hours ago, godzilla said:

and unable to have appropriate constructive dialogue.

People With Extreme Political Views Have Trouble Thinking About Their Own Thinking

Took a quick look at the link. It's from PopSci, and my instant verdict is that it is another slice of propaganda served up by the think tanks created by the Atlantic Council.  

On the contrary to the conclusions on this little blurb, I'd say that if you are somewhere in or near that comfortable center sweetspot that the author desires, it means that your life is so comfortable that you are willfully blind to the increasing suffering and concerns of growing numbers of people.

I'd say 'let's apply the same tests to the happy centrists' and see if they have any better abilities to evaluate evidence and theories. My hunch....judging from what I see posted online is that they just take whatever they hear on liberal centrist media or conservative centrists like Foxnews influencers, and run with it, acting like it's their own ideas they have come up with. 

I may oppose theories and especially solutions concocted by the far right, but at least I know that they have noticed that we're all in a shitstorm now....especially trying to deal with a major viral pandemic along with the pre-existing economic collapse that was already underway at the end of last year. I might not want their prescription, but at least they're noticing something's wrong and they want answers.

But, the message from the centrists is 'go back to sleep, we got it all under control' ..... Obama's Hillary-killing quote in the closing months of the 2016 presidential campaign come to mind:"Things are pretty great in America." Sure they were....if you were Barack Obama; but not for the majority of Americans at the time. But, that ended any chance Clinton had to win with a constantly repeated theme: 'Trump bad/I'm not Donald Trump/vote for me.'  And the Dems still haven't clued in that there's not enough rich and evenly modestly prosperous Americans today left to promote their moderate centrist theories. 

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4 hours ago, godzilla said:

and unable to have appropriate constructive dialogue.

I'd agree that extremists and people with radical views are stupid.

Try talking to someone who's still watching CNN in the year 2020. It's like drinking stupidity from a firehose. 

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