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Trudeau - Wake up and quit wimping out with China

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I'll try to keep this post brief but I wanted to ask a few questions because I've found the Trudeau government's handling of the China file to be deeply puzzling.  

On the one hand, there's obviously no reason to antagonize China unnecessarily.  In a small way I've been impressed with Freeland and Trudeau and how they haven't done much to antagonize Trump.  Justin's father was an asshole when it came to bi-lateral relations so it's good to see his son isn't trying to capitalize politically on Canada's distaste for POTUS. 

On the other hand, I think it's become crystal clear at this point that China isn't going to be the good-faith partner that the Liberals had hoped it would be.  Meekness and humility aren't working and China's taking advantage of our perceived weakness as a result.

The detaining of the two Michael in 2018 was flagrant bullying and the charges were trumped-up. 

Chinese diplomats in Canada are running clubs at Canadian universities focused on bullying and harassing those speaking out against the communist regime and their endless list of human rights abuses.  

These are the sorts of things that clearly demonstrate what China ultimately is - a communist dictatorship.  It's cringe-worthy watching Trudeau and his Ministers change the subject and avoid commenting on anything China-related.  They seem terrified to offend the world's largest economy. 

What has this brought us though? China's our second largest trading partner, but only accounts for something like 3.9% of our exports - practically nothing.  We import 3x more than we export, and its not like there aren't other third-world nations we could source our cheap labor from.  Conversely, they buy our resources - commodities that trade on the open market and that other countries will buy from us if China doesn't.  

I really struggle with the Liberal government's philosophy on China.  It seems they're living in fantasy-world and knowing what we know about the regime there, I don't understand for a second why we're even entertaining Huawei for our 5G networks.  The Chinese government has little/no credibility and their attempts to frame the Uighur detention camps as "vocation schools" speak for themselves...

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2 hours ago, eyeball said:

No truck nor trade, with any dictator.  It's beneath us.

And eventually we should have tariffs on goods from other countries who trade with dictators too.

The answer is a rules based order where the privilege of free trade and collective security is given in exchange for meeting minimum standards.  

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14 hours ago, Zeitgeist said:

The answer is a rules based order where the privilege of free trade and collective security is given in exchange for meeting minimum standards.  

We were making progress down that road following WW2 but we didn't do enough as a collective to curb the privileges of powerful, wealthy and influential people to bend our rules in their favour.

They don't need to be curb stomped, yet, but they definitely need to be curbed.  And I'm pretty sure you know my solution for doing that.

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I know at least through the 80's through to the Great Recession, the thinking was that joining the world economy would lead to a democratization.  There are some small successes that demonstrate this throughout the world, but it hasn't really worked with China.  It looked like it was working up until Xi became chairman, but he's sent the country 180 agrees in the other direction and we're quickly learning that dealing with China is just the same-old-same-old, except now China has more clout.  

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